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The Do's and Don't(s) of Goal Setting

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Nonprofits, Dreamers, Side Hustlers, 9-5 Employees and Hobbyists. Can you say you dabble in some of these habits?

DON’T wait for "someday" to do it for YOU

DON’T try to do it ALONE

DON’T focus on too many things at ONCE

DON’T forget to give yourself a DEADLINE

DON’T engage in Negative Words, Behavior, People


DON’T fool yourself into FAILURE

Essentially, don’t exchange what you need in the long run for what you kinda want at the moment. Do take a good, hard look at your habits and make those necessary adjustments to start living the life you imagine.

DO start Small

DO be Specific

DO create a Plan

DO write it Down

DO make a Commitment

DO write down all Steps/Task

DO track all your Progress

DO reward your Success

DO find a Support System

In the end, you determine where your time goes. Do stay aware of what you truly want (#goals #dream #summer).

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