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Difference In Wanting To Be Wealthy & Being Wealthy

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

How Many of These Can You Honesty Say You Are Actively Doing To Grow Your Business or Nonprofit?


Have A Steadfast Routine

Plan Out Your Day The Night Before

Wake Up Early

Set Reality & Attainable Set of Goals Frequently

Apply 80/20 Rule Daily To Do List

Be A Constantly Reader -Learner - Thinker

Inspire Motivational Mantra Daily

Stay Focus - Focus- Focus

Have A Measurable Accountability Process

Build & Maintain A Strong Network (Win-Win)

Maintain Good Health

Don't Get Distracted By Other People

Create The Life You Want

Most of our willpower loss is due to our habit of getting distracted. You need to find a way to not let the world take away your attention. Be a believer in early mornings.

Are you ready to work hard and smart to get the wealth you talk about? This includes cutting out unnecessary television- phone calls- social media-gossiping.

You are on a mission to change the world, and if you can be more focused, effective, and powerful as your doing that, your dreams will show up before you know it (#vacation #dream #goal setting, #getitdone).

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