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This book would not have been possible without all of the entrepreneurs, business owners, dreamers, after 5pm entrepreneurs, and hobbyists around the world who desire to step out on faith and bring their passion into the local, state, national, and global marketplace. Because of you “Getting Past Stuck” is not an option! It's a Must.


Getting Past Stuck is about “Keeping It Simple” and “Making It Simple” to start and grow your business.


If you build your business and life on what you are passionate about, even the most challenging time will be unable to shake you. Instead, it will make you solid in every area of your life. If you build your business on love and purpose, you’ll prosper beyond your wildest dreams. When love for your passion rules, prosperity only can flow! Then, when the storms of life begin to blow at your business or home in any situation, you can enjoy the solid security of knowing that love never fails.


Let’s Get Moving!


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Getting Past Stuck: Your GPS System to Business Success

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